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قديم 08-02-2010, 10:22 AM   #1
abo basem

الصورة الرمزية محمود جميل
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 رقم العضوية : 1100
 تاريخ التسجيل :  Apr 2010
 أخر زيارة : 07-15-2011 (08:48 PM)
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 التقييم :  10
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UNRWA is the United Nations agency responsible for the protection, care and human development of a population of some 4.7 million Palestine refugees living in the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, Jordan, Lebanon and the Syrian Arab Republic. UNRWA is committed to assisting Palestine refugees in maintaining a decent standard of living, acquiring appropriate knowledge and skills, enjoying the fullest possible extent of human rights, and leading a long and healthy life. UNRWA is the largest UN operation in the Middle East with more than 29,000 staff. Most of these staff is refugees themselves, working directly to benefit their communities - as teachers, doctors, nurse or social workers. UNRWA is seeking to employ a qualified:

Assistant Accounting Control Officer

Vacancy Announcement Number
Contract Status
Fixed Term Appointment
Contract Duration
3 years including 1 year of probation
Monthly Salary from JD 630 & 600 Fils. Other benefits include Provident Fund contribution (15% of basic salary paid by the Agency), medical insurance and 30 days of annual leave. Dependency benefits are subject to eligibility.
Finance Dept.
Duty Station
Jordan Field Office
Issue Date
01 August 2010
Deadline for Applications
15 August 2010

Place in the Organisation
The incumbent is responsible to the Accounting Control Officer.
Primary Duties and Responsibilities
· Controls and maintains the general ledger and the subsidiary ledgers and cash book, including action on losses, goods in transit, fuel and stock movements;
· Prepares the monthly bank reconciliation; performs cash counts in all locations and taking necessary corrective action when required;
· Checks vouchers received from Headquarters and other Fields and follows up on necessary actions;
· Keeps all cash payment vouchers and cash receipt vouchers serially filed for future reference and maintains and controls the equipment value kardex system;
· Verifies, enters and retrieves accounting data in the new finance system;
· Maintains the field accounting vouchers and acts as custodian and ensures that they are kept in safe according to the finance module;
· Where applicable, prepares financial reports for school contributions, and income generation loan or PF loan;
· Advises Accounting Control Officer on all vouchers and cash matters and coordinates corrective actions;
· Drafts correspondence and prepares reports and statements related to his/her functions;

· Acts for the Accounting Control Officer during the latter's absence;
· Performs such other duties as may be assigned.

Minimum Qualifications
· A university degree in accounting, business administration or other related
· Three years experience in accounting, business administration.
· Good command of spoken and written English and Arabic.
· Ability to use a computer and work on various spreadsheet applications such as Excel;
· Ability to cope with multiple tasks effectively;
· Effective written and oral communication;
· Ability to identify clients’ needs and to offer appropriate solutions and establish and maintain productive partnership with clients.
Desirable Qualifications
· Membership of an officially recognized accounting body such as AAT;
· Knowledge of UNRWA accounting and budgetary procedures;
· Working experiences with computerized financial systems.
When the minimum requirements are not fully met, the Director of Human Resources, in consultation with the Comptroller, may exceptionally substitute part of the unmet requirements with a combination of relevant academic qualifications, additional professional training and progressive relevant work experience.
NB: Work experience alone or formal qualifications with no relevant work experience are not considered an acceptable combination.


رد مع اقتباس
قديم 08-02-2010, 10:24 AM   #2
abo basem

الصورة الرمزية محمود جميل
محمود جميل غير متواجد حالياً

بيانات اضافيه [ + ]
 رقم العضوية : 1100
 تاريخ التسجيل :  Apr 2010
 أخر زيارة : 07-15-2011 (08:48 PM)
 المشاركات : 199 [ + ]
 التقييم :  10
لوني المفضل : Black

How to Apply

Applicants are required to register at http://jobs.unrwa.org by creating a personal profile and completing an UNRWA Personal History Form. Please note that UNRWA only accepts degrees from accredited educational institutions. Only applications received through http://jobs.unrwa.org will be considered. Due to the large number of applications received, only applicants short-listed for interview will be contacted.
General Information

UNRWA encourages applications from qualified and experienced women. UNRWA welcomes applications from qualified candidates with disabilities.

This vacancy notice is open to internal and external candidates. First priority will be given to fully qualified staff members; second priority to fully qualified external Palestine refugee applicants. An internal candidate with a temporary-indefinite or fixed-term appointment selected for this post will retain his/her current contractual status and entitlements in accordance with current letter of appointment and applicable Area Staff Rules.

UNRWA is a United Nations organization whose staff is expected to uphold the highest standards of integrity, neutrality and impartiality. This includes respect for human rights, for diversity, and for non-violent means of dealing with all kinds of conflict. UNRWA staffs are expected to uphold these values at all times, both at work and outside. Only persons who fully and unconditionally commit to these values should consider applying for UNRWA jobs.

The United Nations does not charge fees at any stage of the recruitment process (application, testing, interviewing, etc). The United Nations does not concern itself with information related to bank accounts.


رد مع اقتباس
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